Thursday, January 15, 2015


This is a HORRIBLE photo. This will be a free pattern, and also available as a kit or, on occasion, a finished cowl. New photos coming soon!

These were the mister's request for Christmas- black or charcoal, warm mittens...such a dude! I asked him if I could use some color and his response was "Well, I suppose, as long as it's neutral like black, or charcoal, or maybe even a brown, as long as it's not a bright brown." I was very happy to find inky, inky black Gems Merino sport in my stash. I could knit with the stuff forever. It's delicious. I bumped the brightness up on the photo so they didn't look like a dark blob. The pattern is a recipe using Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns. No knitter should be without all of Ann Budd's books!

I made two of these. This is now my go-to toque pattern. It's Ribs 'n Cables by Anne G. In Walnut Cascade 220.

These are fun little preemie hats for a friend whose darling twin girls came a bit early. We were teammates a few years ago and he had the best way of using voices and comedy to manage. My favorite of his voices was Yoda.

I'm *this* close to finishing this Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure of Boho Knits. It should be done today so check my Instagram feed if you'd like to see the finished hat.

I'm trying to do my mom's socks two at a time after hearing Dr. Gemma talk about it on CogKnitive. It feels slow but I think I'll like it.  I had purchased those little nine inch circular needles in three different sizes from Hiya Hiya originally to knit these on but it felt very slow. I might try them again on a pair I have the first sock finished...who knows?

I am so very grateful to Casey et. al. at Ravelry for finding a solution to the VATMESS. It's taking awhile to be approved and added to LoveKnitting but all my patterns are being added there so the tax situation in the EU can be managed well.  If you go to Ravelry and live within affected areas, you'll be whisked, seamlessly to the proper purchasing site without any muss or fuss. The freebies aren't part of this so download those to your hearts' content with no changes in the process. 

The very next item on my list is to knit up and finish my revised kilt hose patterns. They will now include instructions for various weights of wool - YAHOO! The first to come will be my favorite: Banais. Check back soon. The first place you'll see anything is on Instagram - martaschmarta.