Monday, July 27, 2015

She walks in starlight...

Tauriel progresses

I've been knitting a lot while reading lately. I've also been thinking during those times, always a dangerous thing. This is certain to be a year of change, separation, letting go, and experimentation on a few different levels. As I come to the end of my full time stint for the summer, I have mixed feelings.  The frantic pace makes the day go by quickly but tires me so that I've neglected everything else in my life.  I'll be glad to go to weekends when the sheer volume won't drain me. But, I'll miss those I won't see any more. There are unexplored glass projects simmering which will take shape in the days available before I return to the classroom. It'll seem strange to return to Horizon without mini-me and the others from her class I came to know so well last year. There are other things, too. Things welling up from inside which are nameless, but there all the time. 

Change seems so hard for me. I've never been one to seek it, like my braver friends. I've gone to great extreme to avoid the discomfort of change, the insecurity of conflict, the risk of failure. Maybe this is the year I can run out and meet it head on, and, while maybe not embracing it, will extend my hand towards it.